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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles, or EVs, are increasing in popularity. An alternative to traditional cars and trucks, EVs benefit the environment, operate efficiently, and less expensive to operate. The electric motors have a quiet operation with a strong acceleration and require less maintenance than traditional internal combustion engines (ICE). They can typically go up to 300 miles on a full charge and can be charged at home with as standard 120V outlet, or 240v with a level 2 charger for a faster charge.

EV Types:

EV’s rely on electric motors and battery storage instead of an internal combustion engine. Electricity is their fuel. Three main types of EVs exist:

All-Electric Vehicles
These EVs are powered by one or more electric motors. They are powered by “plugging in” to a power source and storing energy in batteries. They use ZERO petroleum-based fuel. Some examples include the Chevy Bolt or Nissan LEAF.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Powered by an internal combustion engine AND electric motor, these EVs use energy stored in a battery. They may be plugged in to an electric power source to charge the battery. They can operate solely on either gasoline or battery power.

Hybrid Electric
Similar to plug-in EVs, the battery in these can charge through regenerative braking and the internal combustion engine. They do not need to be plugged in to charge.

Electric Charging Stations:

BrightRidge supports EV technology by helping provide EV charging stations within our service area. Charging stations are located at our main offices in Boones Creek (2600 Boones Creek Rd., Johnson City, TN 37615 – Level 2 FREE. Other sites include:

Hands On! Discovery Center at the ETSU Gray Fossil Site
1212 Suncrest Drive
Gray, TN 37615
Level 2 Charging: FREE

King Commons
201 N. Roan St.
Johnson City, TN 37601
Level 2 Charging: $1.00 per hour

Jonesborough Visitor’s Center
117 Boone St. Jonesborough, TN 37659
Level 2 Charging: $1.00 per hour

For additional information on EV basics, charging stations, fuel savings, and EV incentives click HERE.

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