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Trees & Power Lines

Trees & Power Lines Don't Mix!

We depend on the benefits made possible by safe, reliable electricity. We also value the benefits of a very important natural resource – trees. Unfortunately, trees that grow too close to electric power lines threaten public safety and your source of power. For this reason, BrightRidge maintains a tree trimming and tree removal program.

Much of BrightRidge’s tree trimming is contracted to Wolf Tree. Maintaining proper line clearance is essential in maintaining reliable electric service. If you have any questions about trees as related to power lines or tree removal, please click on the tab below "Your Responsibility" for further explanation.


Trees must be planted a safe distance from power lines!

BrightRidge follows the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) which requires a minimum of 10 feet of clearance surrounding overhead power distribution lines and up to 50 feet of clearance surrounding overhead power transmission lines. This safety zone is intended to prevent power line and tree conflicts which are costly, dangerous and cause service interruptions.  Large tree varieties require the greatest distance from power lines. Recommended distances are as follows:

  • Distribution lines: 25' minimum
  • Transmission lines: 50' minimum

No trees of any size shall be planted directly underneath electric power lines. This is to ensure that BrightRidge crews can safely access power lines for service, maintenance and emergency situations. Any trees planted directly underneath power lines are subject to removal without compensation to the owner.

By completing the BrightRidge Application for Service Agreement, customers agree to adhere to the terms of this agreement.

Your Responsibility

It is your responsibility to maintain proper clearance from the last pole to your house.  Help us keep the power on!


Look up before you plant!  Carefully match tree species with the location and consider mature tree height. 

Plant for Efficiency

Properly planted trees can stop cold winds, provide cool shade, and reduce energy usage year-round.

Lateral Pruning

Lateral, or natural trimming is the method used by line crews at most utilities.  If you have any questions about trees as related to power lines or tree removal, contact the BrightRidge Service Department at (423) 952-5025. 

Class Resources

Looking for resources for your gardening class or Arbor Day event? Use the link below to download an BrightRidge educational flyer about powerlines and tree safety!

Tree Line USA

BrightRidge is proud to be a Tree Line USA utility! Learn how that benefits your community at the link below.

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