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Paperless Billing

Consider Paperless Billing via SmartHub.  With Paperless Billing, you will still be billed monthly, however, you will not receive a paper bill.  You can enroll anytime either online or via your mobile device.

If this sounds familiar, then Paperless Billing/SmartHub is right for you:

  • Worried about personal security (i.e. no paper invoices in the mailbox)
  • Not getting payments in on time and paying late fees
  • Forgetting to pay your bill altogether and having to pay reconnect fees
  • No time to sit down and write checks for bill payments
  • Not wanting to waste travel time to drop off your payment at BrightRidge or the post office
  • Losing your paper bill and frantically searching for it to make payment
  • Rushing to ensure payment is made at the last minute
  • Someone who frequently travels and is out of town on a semi or regular basis

Paperless Billing/SmartHub is a great tool to help you avoid all these potential bothers.  You still have full access to your account information online or via mobile device at any time.  Each month you will receive either a text or email notification that payment has processed and you can download copies of your paper bill if needed.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up via SmartHub.  Click HERE to get started.

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