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Broadband Update

Next-Generation Internet Continues to Expand:

BrightRidge Broadband (ultra, high-speed internet) continues to expand its nation-leading broadband services, connecting people who lacked access and bringing the Next Generation of internet infrastructure to the area. “By the end of 2023, we expect to have all the city limits of Johnson City covered with fiber, and then build out additional locations. Currently, we just completed the fiber build-out through Gray and are nearing completion on the first sections of Phase 4 in southeast Johnson City,” Stacy Evans, Chief Broadband Officer, said. “Our ultimate plan is to serve all 81,000 electric subscribers with our superior broadband services in the future.” Today, BrightRidge Broadband serves more than 6,200 homes and businesses with broadband services, with hundreds more added each month. That improves the ability of over 20,000 local residents to learn virtually, improve digital skills, work from home, receive telehealth, stream, and much more. Evans says Johnson City, Jonesborough and Washington County were the sixth community group in the entire United States to offer 10 Gbps (gigabyte per second) symmetrical broadband in the home. But BrightRidge was the first provider to offer it out of the gate to all fiber-optic customers in its service area. BrightRidge has brought truly world-class internet to the Johnson City area!

Next Steps for BrightRidge Broadband:

BrightRidge Broadband is approaching local city and county officials regarding the contribution of funds to go towards projects in rural areas of the county and underserved areas in the city. “These projects would bridge the digital divide by providing the nation’s fastest broadband service to our residents, which can ensure the cities and counties we serve are competitive in the national market for retaining and attracting residents, new businesses, jobs, and highly skilled workers,” Evans said. BrightRidge is also a partner in the FCC Affordable Connectivity Program, which allows eligible families to receive up to $30 credit per month toward their internet costs. Visit to apply or learn more about this program.

WHY SWITCH? Top Reasons to Switch to BrightRidge Broadband:

  • NO HASSLE - We have local support and the customer service you trust. We are committed to providing you a hassle-free experience!
  • NO CONTRACTS - With BrightRidge Broadband, there are no contract commitments for residential customers. Make life easier with our month-to-month contracts!
  • NO DATA CAPS - Say “no” to data caps or hidden usage fees! Why should you pay extra for using your internet service?
  • NEXT GEN FIBER - Get Next Gen internet service on our new fiber-optic network! It’s highly reliable and not impacted by rain and cold weather like traditional coaxial and copper wiring.
  • NO GIMMICKS - Our pricing is clear! We don’t offer introductory pricing that increases after your first year. BrightRidge Broadband is competitively priced and gimmick free!

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