Tuesday Morning Breakfast
Every Tuesday for the past 15 or so years Christopher and I have been getting together for breakfast to catch up on the weeks goings on and to settle all the problems of the world. Typically we meet here at Dee's Place in East Providence, where the food is good and the price is right. (That's me with the glasses.)

This picture was taken on March 30th, 2004 with a Nikon 995 Coolpix camera sporting an FC-E8 fish eye lens on a home made monopod. The monopod has a bubble level and is designed so the camera rotates around the nodal point of the lens. Images were shot in manual mode at f2.6 for 1/2 second. A total of six images were taken, four around, one up and one down. Chromatic aboration was corrected using Adobe Photoshop by scaling the red and blue channels to 99.9%. The images were then sharpend with an unsharp mask filter and color corrected a bit. They were then 'defished' using DeFish software created by Ken Turkowski. Back in Photoshop I manually stitched the four images together. Then using Cubic Converter I converted the assembled panorama in to a cubic format and exported the top and bottom to be finalized once again in Photoshop. I then re-import the top and bottom into Cubic Converter to assemble the final QuickTime VR. Then into QuickTime Pro to embed copyright and other information about the file. Simple.