Tommy's Deluxe Diner
Tommy's Deluxe Diner is a mansion among Diners. An all-original 1941 O'Mahoney, it stands impressively in a huge parking lot. There are several striking touches inside this predominately green diner. The slender bases of the stools have an octagonal shape, the counter top is made of green Italian marble, one of a kind, and the counter has a built-in glass showcase. The menu is chocked full of diner fare: Meatloaf, cornbeef and cabbage, shepard's pie, lamb, roast stuffed turkey, and fish and chips, just to name a few. Breakfast is served all day. Everything is made fresh: the mashed potatoes, the cole slaw, even the gravy. And the helpings are large. This is one of those diners where our mouths start to water when we just think about it!

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