The Rotunda
The Rhode Island Statehouse boasts the second largest of the four famous unsupported marble domes in the world - the others being St. Peter's in Rome, the Taj Mahal in India and the Minnesota State Capitol. Standing atop the dome, 235 feet above the terrace, is the statue of the Independent Man. In 1890 the General Assembly created a commission to obtain plans for a new State House. The cornerstone was laid October 15, 1896, while Charles Warren Lippitt was Governor. On June 11, 1904 the new capitol building, terrace, approaches and grounds were officially turned over to the state by the architects and builders.

Approximately 327,000 cubic feet of white Georgia marble, 1,309 tons of iron floor beams and 15,000,000 bricks were used in its construction. The building is 333 feet long and is 180 feet wide through the central vestibule section.
The House Chamber

The Senate Chamber

The Statehouse

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