After the tournament
The annual golf tournament/party at Paul and Kathy's house takes place each June. This year the weather held off nicely for all who came.

This picture was taken on June 6th, 2004 with a Nikon D70 camera sporting an Sigma 8mm fish eye lens,handheld. A total of five images were taken, four around, one up. Using Photoshop the images were color corrected a bit. They were then 'defished' using DeFish software created by Ken Turkowski. Back in Photoshop I manually stitched the four images together. Then using Cubic Converter I converted the assembled panorama in to a cubic format and exported the top and bottom to be finalized once again in Photoshop. I then re-import the top and bottom into Cubic Converter to assemble the final QuickTime VR. Then into QuickTime Pro to embed copyright and other information about the file.